Crafting the Coast: Handmade Coastal Inspired Pottery Mugs by Rebecca of Lucky Penny Co Pottery

Crafting the Coast: Handmade Coastal Inspired Pottery Mugs by Rebecca of Lucky Penny Co Pottery

Discover how Rebecca from Lucky Penny Co Pottery creates her costal inspired range of ceramics.
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We are so delighted to welcome Lucky Penny Co Pottery to Resident Artisan - a small batch pottery based in Rustington, West Sussex. 

In an enlightening conversation with potter and founder Rebecca, we got an insight into the story behind her creations and the creative process that goes into each of her products. 

The story behind the creation of Lucky Penny Co Pottery

Rebecca’s journey into ceramics began just 18 months ago and in that short timeframe she has gone from a beginner potter to the creator of a distinct and highly popular coastal-inspired collection. 

The first step in the journey was ceramics lessons and kiln sharing with a local Sussex ceramicist. From the very start, Rebecca has embraced the idiosyncrasies of her creations. She eschews the precision of the wheel and exacting measurements, and has instead found beauty in organic shapes and the creation of perfectly imperfect variations. She prefers not to be constrained in her work by specific measurements and designs which perfectly compliments a core element of her style: the inspiration of the coast. 

The coastal theme is central to Rebecca’s work and permeates through her designs. Her handmade mugs and bowls bear the mark of the sea, with glazes that mimic the hues and textures of the ocean—waves cresting and foam spraying onto sandy shores. 

Rebecca employs a slab-building technique in her work, which offers lots of versatility. By rolling out a slab of clay, she can mold and shape her visions into tangible forms, bringing to life the organic and dynamic essence of the coast. This method, grounded in the simplicity and potential of clay, opens up endless possibilities for creativity and expression.

Rebecca defines herself as a small batch potter - in her home studio, Rebecca has just two drying shelves so she can make whatever she can fit on those two shelves at a time. 

Rebecca’s connection to the coast and the inspiration behind the coastal theme

Having always lived by the sea, Rebecca's connection to the coast runs deep and being near the sea is her ‘happy place’. It is this connection with the coastal environment that has led her to choose it as the core theme for her pottery, infusing each piece with the beauty of the Sussex coast.

The Sussex coast, with its distinctive shingle beaches, plays a pivotal role in Rebecca's creative process. The unique foamy wash created as the sea meets the shingle shore, especially during stormy weather, captivates her imagination and fuels her designs. Through her work she captures the interaction between water and land, between the chaos of the waves and the calm of the beach.  Unlike the precise lines often seen in pottery design, Rebecca opts for intentionally wonky lines to mimic the irregularity of waves crashing onto the shore. 

The glazes Rebecca chooses are pivotal in bringing her coastal inspirations to life. By selecting glazes with textures and incorporating elements like gritty particles, she replicates the tactile experience of sand or shingle underfoot. 

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Rebecca's work is her use of flux—a substance that, when applied to pottery, creates a chemical reaction during the firing process. This reaction can significantly alter the appearance of the glaze, introducing an element of unpredictability into her creations. Each piece emerges from the kiln with its unique characteristics, much like every wave that hits the shore is different from the last. 

Celebrating the successes and milestones in the creation of Lucky Penny Co Pottery

One of the most gratifying experiences for Rebecca is seeing her ideas come to fruition—when a piece emerges from the kiln exactly as she had envisioned it. The challenge of accounting for clay shrinkage, especially in functional pieces like butter dishes where precision is key for the lid to fit the tray, can make the creation of some of her signature pieces challenging. When everything aligns, and the final product matches her initial vision, the satisfaction is immense. Beyond the technical achievements, pottery serves as a therapeutic escape for Rebecca, offering hours of immersive, creative satisfaction.

An equally important facet of Rebecca's success story is her connection with the community, particularly through craft fairs and collaborations with local artisans. Craft fairs have not only been venues for showcasing her work but also opportunities for engaging directly with customers and fellow creators. These interactions provide invaluable feedback, inspiration, and a sense of belonging within the artisan community.

A notable milestone in Rebecca's journey has been her collaboration with local soap makers. This partnership, centered around the creation of bespoke soap dishes, exemplifies the synergy between different crafts and the mutual benefits of such collaborations. 

The successes and milestones of Lucky Penny Co Pottery reflect a journey marked by creativity, resilience, and community engagement. Each achievement, whether it's a perfectly executed piece or a successful collaboration, is a stepping stone in Rebecca's ongoing journey as an artisan. 

Luck Penny Co Pottery’s signature pieces

A selection of Lucky Penny Co’s most popular pieces are available to buy on Resident Artisan, shop now.

Costal inspired mugs

Hand built ceramic blue and cream stoneware hug mug 


Stoneware Matcha Cup

Hand pinched ceramic stoneware matcha cup

Hand built costal glaze ceramic stoneware tumbler

Hand Built Costal Glaze Ceramic Stoneware Tumbler