About Resident Artisan

Resident Artisan is an online marketplace selling goods from the very best independent retailers and talented artisan producers. Resident Artisan customers can shop via region to facilitate discovery of local products.

Resident Artisan is a marketplace. We connect your business with ready to buy users on our website. This means customers can buy your product on our website. Once the order is made, you get instant notification and send out the product to the customer. You receive payment, minus the commission fee upon order completion.

At Resident Artisan we have two key passions and priorities. 1) Shopping small, shopping local and discovering incredible artisan talents and 2) delivering a best in class e-commerce experience. By applying these two factors, we believe we can fundamentally change the way people shop to better support the local economy, help customers find better products made locally to them and grow the business of artisan producers and independent retailers. By joining Resident Artisan you benefit from the opportunity to grow your business. Generate a new revenue stream, reach new audiences, increase your brand awareness and get more sales. You will benefit from inclusion in our marketing and PR activities
designed to help your business grow. As your business grows, so does ours so we are committed to helping you achieve success on Resident Artisan.

We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note at hello@residentartisan.com

How everything works

We process payments to you at the end of each month.

Marketing activities when you launch on our site include featuring your brand in our email marketing and social media posts. Following launch, we have a number of ongoing opportunities for your brand and products to be included in our multi-channel marketing campaigns including seasonal campaigns, sales and marketing events. You will also be considered for all relevant PR campaigns.

We include the cost of shipping in all product prices listed on the site. Therefore please incoporate shipping costs in your product prices.

You have complete control over which of your products you choose to list on Resident Artisan. You can upload your chosen products onto our site and we will approve products before they go live to ensure they fit with our brand. We particularly look for products that are: high quality, not widely available and produced by small independent businesses. We suggest a minimum product listing of £10 so for products that retail for less than £10 should be listed for sale as bundles to achieve the minimum price.

You can stop selling on Resident Artisan and close your account at any time. There is no tie in period - we are confident you will find many benefits of listing your products with us.