40% White Chocolate, Nicaragua - 40g


40% White Chocolate, Nicaragua - 40g

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📍Crafted in Hassocks, West Sussex

White chocolate is often given a bad press for not being ‘real’ chocolate, due to primarily comprising of palm oil, vegetable fat, vanilla, lots of sugar, & little to no cocoa! However, as with all our chocolate, we believe less is more. We use pure cocoa butter bursting with natural, unique & complex flavours, extracted by carefully pressing the finest Nicaraguan cocoa beans & pairing with just unrefined sugar & whole milk creating a light, fruity, sweet & creamy flavour. We sustainably handcraft, refine & conch our white chocolate over 72 hours before we temper, mould & package ready for you to enjoy. All from our little factory in Hassocks, West Sussex.

Zero Waste Packaging - Recyclable, Glueless, Compostable, Acid Free

Ingredients: cocoa butter, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic milk (Gluten Free)


(Cocoa Solids 40% Minimum - Milk Solids 30% Minimum)
Store in a cool dry environment out of direct sunlight. Best enjoyed at room temperature

In September 2015, the International Cocoa Organisation recognised Nicaragua as a 100% Fine Cocoa Origin. Only 9 countries in the world are recognised as such

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