Bear Blend

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Bear Blend

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📍Crafted in Eastbourne, East Sussex


Tasting notes:

Chocolate, caramel, red plum

Coffee info:

A blend of two awesome high grade coffees. We have chose Rancho Grande for its big body, sweetness and rich chocolately and caramel notes. We added Horizon IS-1 for its creamy and deliciously red plum notes. 

  • 70% Rancho Grande
    • Origin: Brazil
    • Elevation: 930 masl
    • Variety: Topazio
    • Process: Natural
  • 30% Horizon IS-1 
    • Origin: Rwanda
    • Elevation: 1650 masl
    • Variety: Red Bourbon
    • Process: Washed

Coffee info:

Meet our first ever coffee blend, the Bear Blend! Full of body, rich, chocolatey, sweet and creamy, with a pop of red plum. It's a combo of two awesome high grade coffees: Rancho Grande from Brazil and Horizon IS-1 from Rwanda.

Give it a go with milk, or straight up black to really get that red plum kick. Bear Blend's got you covered!

As the crops change, so too do the coffees in our Bear Blend, which celebrates the seasonality and freshness of coffee. The Bear Blend is consistently about big body, leading with chocolate and sweetness, followed by a pop of fruitiness! We hope you enjoy its first iteration!


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