Cosmic Warrior Pale Ale
Cosmic Warrior Pale Ale

By The Horns

Cosmic Warrior Pale Ale

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📍Crafted in England


The late great Marc Bolan of T-Rex lived on the very site where we started brewing. So what better inspiration for making a beer could we need?? Nostalgic glam-rock 70s rock stardom gave us the name Cosmic Warrior, and a beer brewed with all the things we wanted in one place. We used Oats and Wheat in the mash, with the blend of Amarillo, Cascade, El Dorado & Mosaic hops giving this beers its flowing flamboyance. ‘Get it on, Bang a gong’ T-Rex ’71


Soft body & mouthfeel, low bitterness with lashings of tropical North American hops


Amarillo, Cascade, El Dorado & Mosaic

Size:12 x 330ml

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