Kibingo, Burundi
Kibingo, Burundi
Kibingo, Burundi
Kibingo, Burundi

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Kibingo, Burundi

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Tasting notes:

Strawberry, winey, cocoa

Coffee info:

  • Producer: Various smallholder farmers (processed by Kibingo washing station)
  • Location: Kayanza, Burundi
  • Elevation: 1,700 to 1900 masl
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Process: Natural (Oro yeast inoculated)

More info about this coffee:

This coffee begins with selective hand-picking by families who typically manage 200 to 250 trees, yielding 200-300 kilos of cherry annually. The harvested cherries undergo a 36-hour controlled fermentation with Oro yeast, followed by 2-3 weeks on drying tables for even moisture and defect removal. This process ensures optimal drying conditions, including coverage during rain or at night. Once dried, the coffee is stored for quality assessment, maintaining traceability from station to export.

The Kibingo washing station in northern Burundi's Kayanza commune, at 1,893 meters above sea level, serves 3,515 growers from 18 hills. These growers, organized into groups led by a farm leader, facilitate efficient operation. Kibingo is equipped with fermentation and soaking tanks, and drying tables, processing up to 750,000 kg of cherry daily.

Kibingo provides organic fertiliser and low-cost, subsidised coffee seedlings from its nursery to promote sustainable farming. The station supports farm renovation to address the challenges of aging rootstock in small plots. Most coffee trees in Burundi are Bourbon, chosen for its quality. The station’s efforts, including the provision of seedlings at or below cost, emphasise its dedication to sustainability and quality from cultivation to your cup.


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