Tumbaga, Colombia (Decaf, Sugarcane)

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Tumbaga, Colombia (Decaf, Sugarcane)

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📍Crafted in Eastbourne, East Sussex


Tasting notes:

Dark chocolate, caramel, orange

Coffee info:

  • Producer: Various smallholders
Location: Cauca, Tolima, Antioquia and Eje Cafetero
  • Elevation: 1400 - 2100 masl

  • Variety: Local varieties
  • Process: Washed, Sugarcane decaf

More info:

Discover Tumbaga Sugarcane Decaf, a coffee blend named after the ancient alloy that symbolised the balance of sun and moon energies.

Crafted from top-tier beans, our Tumbaga offers a harmonious balance with taste notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and a hint of orange, all complemented by a smooth medium body. Thanks to Colombia's rich climatic diversity, the Tumbaga profile remains consistent year-round. Whether enjoyed during a brisk winter morning or a warm summer evening, this exceptional brew promises a taste that invigorates without the caffeine.


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