Squeezer Juicy Pale Ale
Squeezer Juicy Pale Ale

By The Horns

Squeezer Juicy Pale Ale

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📍Crafted in England


In the age of the New England IPA and Juicy Pale/IPA styles, what more inspiration do we need??? This style is notorious with big juicy hop flavours, a hazy soft body with plenty of mouthfeel.

This being one of our first ventures into this style we wanted to brew this beer to style, yet also add that drink-ability factor which most of our beers are notorious with.


A soft and textured mouthfeel due to the vast amounts of oats, torrefied wheat and torrefied barley used to brew this beer give it that undeniable drinkable factor, then spiked with upfront juiciness and tropical hop from a huge blend of some of our favourite North American hops, which will finish with a soft and subtle bitterness to tie it all together.


Citra, Azacca, Mosaic & Columbus

Size:12 x 330ml

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