Ready to drink (RTD) cocktail gift pack
Ready to drink (RTD) cocktail gift pack
Ready to drink (RTD) cocktail gift pack

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Ready to drink (RTD) cocktail gift pack

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📍Crafted in Uckfield

A delightful selection of ready-to-drink classic cocktails, each with its own unique twist:

Lemon and Rosemary Martini:

An off-dry, aromatic Gin Martini that combines the vibrant freshness of lemon peel with the herbal essence of rosemary. This light aperitif is made using Sussex-distilled Gin and English white Vermouth. Serve it well chilled for a refreshing experience.

Alcohol content: 17.5% vol

Orange Negroni:

A moreish and smooth Negroni, subtly sweetened by the complex interplay of juicy fresh and bitter dried orange peel. Crafted with Sussex-distilled Gin and English red Vermouth, this cocktail is best enjoyed over ice.

Alcohol content: 16.5% vol

Rum Manhattan:

Experience a semi-sweet and smoky Rum Manhattan with a delightful hint of dark, fruity, and sumptuous cherry. This version features Devon-distilled dark rum and English red Vermouth. Serve it over ice for a rich and satisfying flavor.

Alcohol content: 16.5% vol

Volume: Each cocktail comes in a convenient 5cl serving size, perfect for savouring the flavours.

Additional Information:

Contains sulphites

Suitable for vegans

Cheers to these reimagined classics!


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