Peruvian Cocoa Powder


Peruvian Cocoa Powder

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📍Crafted in Hassocks, West Sussex

This Peruvian Natural Cocoa Powder from the Amazonas region has been pressed and not Alkalised. It retains all the amazing unique single origin flavour profiles from the cocoa beans, as unlike the usual cocoa powders we are used to in the UK, this has not been chemically treated, de-odorised, or alkalised (a process known as Dutching).

Dutching strips the flavour and fat from the cocoa powder in order to stop it caking or clumping into the odd lump, but this process leaves it with a burnt/bitter taste. Because of the way this Cocoa Powder has been pressed and not alkalised it is also much lighter in colour. 

We currently have two different varieties, this Peruvian one that is rich & buttery in flavour, and a Nicaraguan one which is more light & fruity in flavour

We were was very surprised at how good the flavour has come out from pressing these powders so they are certainly worth a try.

Both are delicious, but as a general rule I have found the Nicaraguan is best for drinks like milkshakes or dusting truffles etc. Whereas the Peruvian variety is amazing for all things baking as the flavour holds its own and you can really taste the difference in your bakes.

The Powders we use and offer have approximately 10-11% fat content which helps retain the beautiful cocoa flavour and will make your bakes taste even more heavenly than they already do. The natural acidity (pH of 5) will also react with the alkaline baking soda to give your cakes a lovely rise
The powders are great and versatile for all sorts of uses, however if you are a lover of Hot Chocolate drinks and want that greater luxury flavour and mouthfeel you cannot beat using the actual ground chocolate as with our Luxury Hot Chocolate Pouches.

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